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Upside Down House Gallery


Upside Down House Gallery
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As the name suggested, the Upside Down House Gallery is a fun place where you all the furniture and decors are placed upside down. The director has more than 10 years’ experience in tourism industry. Due to his love towards Melaka, he decided to set up a new and unique attraction in Melaka. So here comes the birth of Upside Down House Gallery.

Even the wording is upside down!

This is a crazy world that will get you mad! Everything is upside down! You should not think in a normal way. You need to think out of the box so only you can let your creativity go wild!

Just like a normal house, this house is divided into 5 sections; namely, living room, kitchen, children’s room, master bedroom and bathroom.

Feel free to ask for help from the staff to take photos for you. They will suggest some funny ideas!

Not much I can say about the amazing idea of this gallery, it is all about creativity beyond word description! Come and experience it, this is a good place to visit with friends!

Malaysian with Mykad
Adult: RM15
Child (below 12 years old): RM10

Non Malaysian
Adult: RM20
Child (below 12 years old): RM16

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Best 10 Malacca Tourist Attractions you should not miss

There are plenty of tourist attractions in Malacca and the fact that the city is a UNESCO heritage site, every street and corner became an attraction for visitors. People that have visited Malacca would tell you why it is one of the best places to visit in South East Asia. Whether you want to go for fun, foodie venture, historical tour or natural beauty, Malacca is one of the best stations in Malaysia.

Best 10 Malacca Tourist Attractions

There are plenty of Malacca attractions for tourist to visit see. We have compiled list of the best 10 Malacca tourist attractions, which should not be miss.

1. Melaka Wonderland Theme Park

For fun lovers, Melaka Wonderland Theme Park is the best Malacca tourist attraction. You would find one of the best theme park of Asia in here. It is located in the area of Ayer Keroh. You would not feel any less entertained than any of other theme parks. The clean blue water in the ponds and pools will wash away your worries and you would never regret putting Melaka Wonderland on the top of your list. Slide, twirl, jump and get thrilled in Melaka and be a cheery child again!

Read more about Melaka Wonderland Theme Park

2. The Stadthuys

When back from Malaysia, you will surely like to tell your buddies that you actually visited a seventeenth century building; The Stadthuys in Melaka. It is one of the Malacca tourist attractions for history lovers while not the only one. It is said that it is the oldest structure of Dutch architecture that survived in Melaka. The colonial time structure lives in the shape of gigantic walls, wide windows and heavy doors. The reddish brown, wooden-iron structure is the place to visit if you want to see oldest Malacca buildings.

Among all Malacca tourist attractions, this one should not be missed. The picture of The Stadthuys can be seen in plenty of postcards in Melaka as well.

Read more about Stadthuys Melaka

3. A Famosa Fort

Can’t tell if your picture with A Famosa Fort where a cannon on your right will be most liked or the one with the cannon on your left. But the A Famosa Fort trip is going to be fun and your buddies will love to comment on your pictures at A Famosa Fort. Reason? The fort got history, sight, location and architecture. It is sixteenth century building that survived only enough to tell you where the fort stood. A Famosa Fort reminds of the Portuguese rule in the country. The only thing the fort misses till today is; A picture with you.

Read more about A Famosa Fort

4. Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

Probably among the first Chinese to enter Malacca, and introduced a culture that will mix with Malay’s to give birth to a unique and celebrated culture of Chinese-Malays or the Baba Nyonya. The Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum is one of the finest depiction of culture of the Chinese Malay people. You would love to see the art, architecture, furniture, style and bridal rooms of the culture that are still saved in the museum.

Read more about Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

5. Melaka Zoo

I love the way my Chinese friend calls it an animal garden. The Malacca Zoo offers same species of animals you would not find anywhere else in the world. There are no two headed dogs or four headed snakes. What makes Melaka Zoo Ayer Keroh specialty is to offer an environment where animal moves freely and yet providing safe environment to the visitors as well. Seriously, I don’t like talking to animals with them behind the bars. Animals are no prisoners! You would love the stalls in the zoo too and will certainly appreciate a guided tour.

For animal lovers, Melaka Zoo is a must visit tourist attractions in Malacca.

Read more about Melaka Zoo

6. Bukit China

The China Hill in Melaka is home to a number of graves of Chinese ancestors in Malaysia. At first sight, you won’t believe that it is a graveyard. The reason is that the greaves are spread at an area and the graves are not simply pile of rocks. They hold memorials of the ancestors. There are around 12,500 graves. People jog here since the scenery is good and the area is green and fresh.

7. Butterfly Reptile Sanctuary

Malacca Butterfly Reptile Sanctuary is a serious endeavor. You will find here the cutest parrots, the most colorful big size butterflies and the haunting thick snakes. The sanctuary also called Taman Rama Rama, offers you view of the best crocodiles in the town! A Must visit if you doubt it and again a must visit Malacca attractions if you believe it.

8. Jonker Walk

If you have been to Malacca before then you probably took a walk in the famous Jonker Street once or twice. You also bought something from the street or ate from one of the local restaurants. The street is so popular among the tourists that the local authorities have made an attraction by the name of Jonker Walk. If you are visiting Malacca then you should experience Jonker Walk in the famous Jonker Street.

The street became live mostly past sunset and that’s the best time to visit this local attraction. There are plenty of stalls on both side of the street selling various stuff. You will find a lot of souvenirs as well and the local food.

Read more about Jonker Walk Melaka

9. Menara Taming Sari

One hundred and ten (110) meters tall tower, the Menara Taming Sari Melaka is a great Malacca tourist attractions for those that love to see how the city looks at a glance. The Tower offers a 360 degree view allowing you to see different places, their locations and distances. Operational since 2008, the tower is visited by most of tourists at night because the city turns into a very mystical place at night as seen from above.

Read more about Menara Taming Sari

10. Maritime Museum Melaka

You would find another Melaka attraction a little ahead of the Stadthuys. It is the Maritime Museum that offers you model of ship that does not belong to this century. You have probably seen such ships in movies but here you will come to know that this model is Portuguese and the ship is replica of ship that sank in the coast of Malacca. This model is 34 meters high and 8 meters wide. The Museum preserves the history of Malacca, particularly its maritime history.

Read more about Maritime Museum Melaka

Please let us know what do you think of best 10 Malacca tourist attractions list. Share your experience by adding comments below.

Photo Credit: Phalinn Ooi