Hard Rock Cafe Melaka – More than an Eatery

Melaka is a hot spot for tourists around the world. People from every corner of the globe pour into the city for a thrilling and pleasant vacation. Melaka does not only offer cultural diversity, tourist attractions, startling beaches and amazing places to visit and to lure its guests, but it also has some of the most exciting eateries. These places are a haven for foodies who also love the unique ambience for a total matchless experience.Hard Rock Cafe Melaka is such a space where you can enjoy food, music, and ambience altogether. It is also the best Melaka cafe to enjoy a great ambience with the live music scrumptious food.

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka

Hard Rock Cafe has been a renowned brand name for many years as it brings delectable food, live music, shops and much more under one roof, setting next level for your eating experience. The cafe has continued its experience in Melaka, Malaysia as well. It is a mammoth 9,000 sqft double-storey building, adding an excitement in this UNESCO World Heritage City.


Hard Rock Cafe Melaka was opened in 2013 and has its signature layout similar to the rest of the outlets around the world. However, the interior is decorated to compliment traditional Malay styles. It has indoor and outdoor seating areas, a bar, and the Rock Shop that sells Hard Rock Cafe Melaka souvenirs. The whole décor of the café radiates liveliness with the patterned floor inspire by Straits Melaka, walls with music collectables such as Prince’s white dinner jacket and Bruce Springsteen’s signed guitar.


Hard Rock Cafe Malacca has an array of cuisine with delectable local and international flavor. It serves chick, turkey, veggies, bacon seasoned with spices, top with cheese, basted with sauces, and roasted till fork tender. The A-la-carte menu of the café has handcrafted starters to entice your hunger and main entrees ranging from grilled salmon, pasta, fried chicken, fried chick and fish and chips. The smokehouse cuisines are perfectly slow-cooked with lip-smacking marinating and seasoning. Burgers and smokehouse sandwiches of the Hard Rock Cafe are must try as they leave you craving for more. Satisfy your sweet tooth with mouthwatering ice-creams, shakes, pies, and cookies.

They have a separate menu for kids to keep them fed as amazingly as adults. To make your food experience a complete haven of taste, the Hard Rock Cafe also has salads and beverages.

Live Music

If you are opting to visit Hard Rock Cafe in Melaka for its live music then you will not be disappointed at any point of the performance. The live band starts entertaining its guests 22:00 onwards with famous rock and roll hits, with the hint of little blues and pop in between. You may voice out your favorite number and it might get played next.

Hard Rock Shop

The cafe does not stop entertaining its guests with food and music only. Visit to the cafe will be incomplete without buying something from the Hard Rock Cafe Shop. The shop has Hard Rock Cafe pins, t-shirts, guitar picks and other little gifts and memorabilia.

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The strategic location of the cafe by the Melaka River makes it a hotspot for vacationers. The place often remains jam pack because of being one of the must visit places for tourists in Melaka. The eager diners and live music enthusiast,  often seen queuing at the entrance. So, it is advised to arrive before 21:00 so that you can get your favorite seat to catch the live band while enjoying your cuisine.

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka is a must visit if you want more than appetizing food. One trip to the café will leave you in the trance of the place forever. Listening to the live band, while having food is among the must things to do in Malacca. If you have been to Hard Rock Cafe and would like to share your experience, please do so by adding comments below.

Address: 23 Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200, Melaka, 75200, Malaysia
Phone: +60 6-292 5188
Visit their FB Page

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Top 5 must-try Chinese Restaurants in Melaka

Melaka; being considered as the world’s UNESCO heritage site is actually the most favorable state in terms of tourism is concerned. Just after the discovery of Melaka; variety of cultures have begun to migrate in the vicinity of the Malaysian Peninsular as a whole and Melaka as a specific state was simultaneously crowded with multi-cultures of which Chinese dwellings were noticed to be among the majority of migrants. Therefore, we are bound to view and enjoy the Chinese restaurants in Melaka that are considerably said to be a popular cuisine in the whole vicinity of Melaka.

Chinese Restaurants in Melaka

Melaka is not only famous for its historical attractions, but food in Melaka is equally popular among tourists. Following are the top five must try Chinese restaurants in Melaka that are emphasized as below:

1. Long Fatt 隆发潮州粥

Long Fatt Restaurant is a popular Chinese restaurant in Melaka, that was actually built since eight decades ago. Thus, its famous offers are Teochew porridge that is available during the breakfast timings in Melaka. It is simply cooked with only two ingredients that are rice and water. The rice added in such porridge is seen as a whole and not being crushed is its unique identity. Therefore, another porridge is also available here called as Hokkien porridge; prepared as a slightly thicker texture where the rice is actually crushed and the other ingredients added are sweet potatoes and Cantonese congee.

Thus, the porridge is being delivered with the braised dishes like salted duck eggs, pickled radish, salted or preserved vegetables and also served with various smoked dishes as well. Although, the restaurant is similarly famous in delivering its popular serving i.e. Asam fish served with sour and spicy flavor; cooked for hours until the fish bones gets immensely tender.

Address: No.15, Jln Kampung Pantai, Melaka, 75200, Malaysia
Phone: +60 19-364 6682
Visit their FourSquare Page

2. Zhen Xiang Yuan 珍香園

Zhen Xiang Yuan is another famous Chinese restaurant in Melaka, that is identically outrageous in delivering variety of deliciously cooked Chinese meals that includes Dim Sum or Lo Mai Gai; Smoked glutinous rice cooked with chicken meat, Chee Cheong Fun is a cooked chicken feet, Lo Mai Gai; the rib of a pork cooked with black bean sauce, Yam Roll as well as Chinese tea is also delivered here. The most ready to serve dish is Chee Chong Fun that is delivered fresh and the cooking process begins just after we place the order.

3. Famosa Chicken Rice Ball (古城鸡饭粒)

Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Ball is another Chinese restaurant in Melaka, that mainly delivers signature Chinese dishes of the whole Melaka region. Thus, it is famous for being a Chinese restaurant that is well prepared in delivering four kinds of rice added in Chicken Rice Balls that is loved by its many customers namely; Original steamed, steamed with salty flavor known as Hainan rice, Hainan rice ball and Dark brown rice ball. Its popular meat eatables are Hainan Chicken, Roast duck, etc. The restaurant is equally famous in delivering fabulous beverages that includes Jelly grass, sugar cane juice as well as lemonade.

Address: 21, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Phone: +60 6-286 0121
Visit their FourSquare Page

4. Bei Zhan Restaurant 北栈

The Bei Zhan Restaurant is popular among the locals as well as equally famous in the foreigners. It is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Melaka to try delicious Chinese cuisine in a lush environment therein. Therefore, it is considered to be the heart of all Chinese restaurants located in Melaka because of its spacious seating arrangements built on the ground and first floor with a vast variety of Chinese home-made like eatables. The service here is very quick and served hot just after a few minutes of placing the order. Its favorite Chinese dish that is available in their menu as Braised Pork Ribs delivered with soft steamed bun.

Address: No. 43 Jalan Kota Laksamana 2/17, Taman Kota Laksamana Seksyen 2, 75200 Malacca, Malaysia
Phone: +60 6-281 2684
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5. Golden Triangle Golden Circle Food Court

The Golden Triangle Golden Circle Food Court is also another most loved Chinese restaurant in Melaka, that can be easily traced just a few steps away from the Melaka town. People are allowed to be seated as per their choice of environment available in this particular restaurant. For instance, it depends upon the visitors to enjoy outdoor eating or an inside cozy atmosphere. The most favorable food items being delivered here are plenty; some of the liked and incessant servings are Fried rice as Kuey Teow Stall, Seafood Mee, Chui Kuey Satay, Asam pedas rice, etc.

The food is definitely one of the main tourist attractions in Melaka these are some of the best Chinese restaurants in Melaka that you should try upon your visit. To recommend a Chinese restaurant in Malacca or share your experience, please add comments below.

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Homestay Baitulaidzah Melaka

Selamat datang ke Melaka Bandaraya Warisan Dunia.

Homestay Baitulaidzah Melaka menyediakan kemudahan penginapan yang menepati budget dan keperluan anda.  Sebuah rumah kos sederhana 2 tingkat dengan 3 bilik tidur dan 2 bilik air dan  lokasi  kami cuma 15 min sahaja dari bandar Melaka dan Ayer Keroh .

 Homestay Baitulaidzah Melaka dilengkapi dengan semua kemudahan asas termasuk aircond di bilik tidur utama, televisyen, petisejuk, iron, kemudahan  memasak seperti periuk nasi, jug elektrik dan bread toaster  . Kemudahan  water heater turut disediakan di kedua kamar mandi dan  washing machine.


Homestay Baitulaidzah MelakaHomestay Baitulaidzah Melaka

Homestay Baitulaidzah MelakaHomestay Baitulaidzah Melakadapur homestay melaka


isnin – khamis   (weekday)  RM120.00

jumaat – ahad ( weekend )  RM135.00



Bagi penginapan lebih dari 3 mlm, Homestay Baitulaidzah Melaka menawarkan diskaun yang bersesuaian dengan budget anda. Had yang dibenarkan bagi penginapan pula mestilah tidak melebihi  9  orang termasuk kanak-kanak.  Jika lebih dari 9, maka penghuni yang berikutnya akan dicharge rm10 /person.

Homestay Baitulaidzah Melaka Contact

Hjh Azizah  012 6188867  or  019 6864252

Hj farid  012 6317239 or 0183476619

Homestay Baitulaidzah Melaka Attraction

Melaka Butterfly And Reptile Sanctuary

Butterfly And Reptile Sanctuary is a vacation destination in Ayer Keroh, around 15km upper east of Malacca town. Otherwise called Taman Rama, it is home to a gathering of creatures running from delightful butterflies to snakes, reptiles, crocodiles, koi fish and even a couple of exquisite brilliant panthers.

Spread over a 11 hectar wilderness region, the complex is part auxiliary wilderness and part arranged park. The very much kept up asylum was opened in 1991 and is isolated into five areas: the Koi River Valley, Butterfly Garden, Reptile Aviary, Wild Photo Lane and Nature’s Art Center.

Butterfly Garden

To begin with up is the stroll through Butterfly Garden, the Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary’s chief fascination. It is a spot where many butterflies, just overflowing with hues, fly openly.

The greenery enclosure has more than 20 unique types of butterflies, including the Black and White Helen, Malayan Birdwing, and the Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing (Malaysia’s National Butterfly, named after Sir James Brooke, the “Raja” (King) of Sarawak).

Visit Homestay Baitulaidzah Melaka

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A Fruity Combination

A Fruity Combination

By: Fatini Idris

 Malaysian food is awesome. Ask anyone and they would agree that the flavours and colours of our cuisine is almost unparalleled to any other cuisines in the world. There are a lot of unique qualities about our dishes, especially given that we live in a multicultural society. Our usage of spices, although not uncommon when compared to other Asian countries, does have some distinctive difference due to the way we mix them together.

And it’s not just the spices that makes us different. Malay dishes for example, loves using fruits in their savoury gulai, or gravy, which goes perfectly together with plain rice. It may be an odd idea to some, especially if you’re not local. You might wonder, how does that even work? But it does. It so deliciously does.

Pajeri nenas


Take pajeri nanas (pineapple curry), for example. The fruit is not just used to complement the spices –  the pineapple is actually the main star of the dish.  Pajeri has a sweet, creamy and slightly sours taste balanced with the slight tinge of sourness from the pineapple, which what makes this dish unique. To make the curry, a blend of ingredients including onions, fresh turmeric, chilies and pan roasted coriander are blended together with thick paste of ripe pineapple. Cook it until it thickened and add coconut milk with little bit of salt to get the creamy taste. The result is simply divine.

Asam Mackerel Fish with Small Carambola
How about the Peranakan delicacy, gulai asam? Usually prepared with fish such as mackerel, belimbing buluh or bilimbi are sometimes added to add a little extra sour kick to the dish. As for the other ingredients, the preparation depends heavily on the use of kaffir lime leaves and other fresh herbs such as galangal ginger, ginger buds or bunga kantan and Vietnamese coriander to work up the aromatics. The cooking process involves soaking the pulp of the tamarind juice and chili until it is soft and then squeezing out the juice for cooking the fish. Once done, you’ll end up with a dish that is sour and spicy, perfectly blended together.

Kurau Salty Fish with Jackfruit Gulai


Another dish made extra delicious with the addition of a fruit is gulai nangka ikan masin kurau, or salted kurau fish and jackfruit gravy. Originating from Negeri Sembilan, the dish is usually yellowish-brown in colour due to the sautéed and browned spices which forms its base, and the addition of ground turmeric. The jackfruit adds to the texture and flavour of the gulai, and at the same time cuts off a little bit of the saltiness from the fish. And given that it is a Negeri Sembilan dish, it is usually spicy, but so very yummy.

Patin in Tempoyak Sauce


And we cannot talk about fruits in savoury dishes without talking about sambal tempoyak. Tempoyak is fermented durian, so unlike fresh ones that are sweet and creamy, tempoyak is pungent and has a sour taste to it. The fermentation process takes between 3 to 5 days, and once ready, it can be eaten uncooked as an accompaniment to the usual nasi and lauk meal, or used as an ingredient to several kinds of dishes. One of them is gulai tempoyak ikan patin, or patin fish in tempoyak gravy.  This is a popular dish in Pahang, where the combination of tempoyak, chillies, turmeric, and lemongrass, among others, make for a rich, and tasty dish that can be enjoyed during lunch or dinner.


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Tourism Pahang Targets 10 Million Visitors via Sports

 Pahang Sports Tourism
Sports tourism is believed will help Tourism Pahang attract more visitors to the state to achieve its target of bringing in 10 million tourists to the state this year.  Tourism Pahang general manager Datuk Ishak Mokhtar said organising sporting activities at tourist destinations was an ideal way to promote them to both local and foreign tourists.

Ishak cited the recent 2015 Kuantan Half Marathon as an example, in which the trail covered Tanjung Lumpur, a popular destination for seafood and grilled fish. “Among other sporting activities which will take place during this year are Kuantan Century Ride, which is a 160-kilometre cycle race on June 7, that will also introduce the uniqueness of Pekan as Pahang’s royal town.

“The Gunung Tahan Challenge will take place from August 29 to 30, while the Merapoh Forest Run on Oct 31, aims at promoting Merapoh as the second entrance to Taman Negara, after Kuala Tahan,” he told reporters after the run here, Sunday. Ishak was also confident that organising sporting activities could attract tourists, citing the attendance of 900,000 visitors to Pahang when they hosted the Sukma Games in 2012.

“Their arrival will also help boost the local economy and related industries such as hospitality, because they will definitely choose to stay the night here, as sporting events will begin in the early morning,” he said.

Commenting on the Kuantan Half Marathon 2015, Ishak said a total of 2,500 participants took part in three categories, that is 21km, 10km, and the 5km-‘Fun Race’ which was introduced this year. A total of 121 international participants also took part, with 35 people from Singapore, followed by the British (23 people), Indonesians (12), Taiwanese (9) and Australians (6).

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