Try Melaka Zoo Night Safari for some Night Time Fun

The most visited zoo and night safari to explore in Malacca is popularly known as Melaka Zoo Night Safari situated in the Jalan Hang Tuah Jaya, Ayer Keroh; Melaka city in Malaysian peninsular. Although, historic facts depicts that it was first invented in the year 1963 was governed by the Melaka authoritarian sector than in 2013 its care taker has taken its control by the private organization mainly. For instance, Melaka Zoo Night Safari was renowned around the globe after its control when it was governed privately.  It is also one of the recommend tourist attractions in Melaka to visit.

Melaka Zoo Night Safari

Melaka Zoo Night Safari is constructed in a spacious land that is actually measured around fifty-four acres of land respectively. Due to its huge area occupied in the establishment of the Zoo Melaka, it is similarly famous for being the second largest zoo in Melaka.

Adoption of natural and adventurous segments introduced

The private company that has predominantly taken the ownership as its caretaker is actually identified as Konsortium KKW Sdn Bhd. Hence, its actual mission is to bring a positive change in the Melaka Zoo Night Safari by inventing innovative task in terms of introducing new wildlife species in the zoo. It is also establishing various learning methodologies in order to understand the ecology of different species, the breeding process of distinct animals have been understood by the zoo management as well as introducing innovative vision of physical activities and implementing such concepts through meticulous objectives planned for making the Melaka Zoo more attractive for the tourism purpose primarily.

Thus, through exploring further the Night Safari Melaka; its visitors can be able to observe the species in their natural homes while at night (after sunsets). There are multiple programs being organized by the Melaka Zoo Night Safari from the infant level to the university grads as well through a long stroll in order to make them familiar with the surrounding species.

Suitable timings for the Melaka Zoo Night Safari exploration

We are thus allowed to explore the Melaka Zoo and Night Safari attractions on a daily basis during the whole day at specified timings that begin from 9am in the morning till 6pm by evening. The Night Safari timings are from 8pm to 11pm so you can plan your trip in a way that you can see both Zoo Night Safari. It is similarly essential to purchase the number of tickets at prior in order to explore its temptations without wasting your precious journey time. Here we can simultaneously grab the feasible opportunity to view the night safari attractions as well that can be availed specifically on nights of Fridays and Saturdays, during government holidays and also during the school off days as well. The tickets are usually sold between the timings from 8pm till 10:30pm.

Attributes of Melaka Zoo Night Safari

It is the sole responsibility of a visitor to know the necessary attributes prior to visiting the Melaka Zoo. For instance, the visitor must plan the whole day journey in order to explore the attractions of the zoo in a real sense. While enjoying the zoo, people implicitly avails the facilities like a separate prayer room built in the vicinity, there is also guest room located here, first aid is also available in case of any emergency and other numerous facilities can also be explored.

Though, Melaka Zoo Night Safari is not as big as Singapore Night Safari or others but it does provide a unique experience to the visitors. If you’re looking for some nighttime activities in Melaka, a visit to night safari is highly recommended, which is also among the best things to do in Melaka.

If you have visited the night safari in Melaka and would like to share your experience, please do so by adding comments below.

Address: Jalan Hang Tuah Jaya, Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka
Phone: +61300 22 3000
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Melaka Zoo – The Second Largest Zoo in Malaysia

Melaka is one of the favorite travel destination in Malaysia among tourist due to it’s rich culture heritage. There are many Melaka attractions popular among tourists. For family kids, there is no better place to visit in Melaka then the Melaka Zoo.

Melaka Zoo is the second largest zoo in Malaysia with 54 acres of land. The largest zoo in Malaysia is Ulu Klang National Zoo, Zoo Negara. The zoo is located near Lebuh Ayer Keroh, a highway in Ayer Keroh town. At the Melaka Zoo, the visitors can find more than 215 species of animals. Melaka zoo was established since 1963 by Melaka state government, but the zoo has been privatized from the year 2013 onward.

If you are visiting Melaka with your family, one of the recommended things to do in Melaka is to visit the zoo of Melaka.

Melaka Zoo Night Safari

Melaka Zoo is now known under the name – Melaka Zoo and Night Safari. The zoo was a wildlife rescue base and opened to the public only since 1987. Animal exhibit is not the only aim of the zoo, but the new management encourages animal breeding and conservation by providing wildlife education program.

Zoo Animals

At this zoo, the animals are exhibited in spacious enclosures as opposed to the caged enclosures. Every year, over 4, 00,000 visitors come to the Melaka Zoo. The visitors to the zoo is mainly from Melaka and neighboring states aside from the tourists. There are more than 1200 animals in this zoo, which includes reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds. The main attractions of this zoo are Malayan Gaur Oxen, Malayan Tiger, Serow, Malayan Sun Bear, and Sumatran Rhinoceros. Melaka Zoo allows people to adopt animals. The night safari allows the visitors to see nocturnal animals in their own habitats.

Melaka Zoo Animals

Adoption of Wild Animals Program

The adoption scheme of the Melaka Zoo allows ordinary people, corporate bodies and private companies sponsor any wildlife animal in the zoo. The sponsored money is used to meet the cost to maintain the animals. The funds sponsored is deposited into the trust fund of Melaka Zoo. The fund is used to meet the requirements of animals such as additional food, to improve the enclosures and medication. The sponsorship of the animals can be renewed every year. The sponsor can either change the animal or continue to sponsor the same animal.

You can adopt an animal at a cost of RM 100 per year. The sponsors of animals can enjoy certain privileges in the zoo. The sponsor can enjoy a free entry to the zoo. The sponsor can take the photo of the adopted animal along with the fact sheet. The zoo also provides an adoption certificate. Kids also can adopt an animal at an annual cost of RM 50 per year. The kids also can enjoy the same privileges as that of the adult sponsors.

Major Attractions

Some of the major attractions of the Melaka Zoo are mini safari, zoology museum, reptile house, and multi-animal show, interact with elephant, elephant rides, pony rides, tram ride, night safari, night fishing, and big cat’s complex.

Conservation of Endangered Species

Melaka Zoo is working hard for the conservation of endangered species by breeding them successfully. Some of the species that are bred successfully are Panthers, Serows, Sambar Deers, Tigers, Barking Deers, Tapirs, and other such species. The Melaka Zoo also exhibits endangered species such as Malayan Gaur and Sumatran Rhinoceros.

Zoo Opening Hours

The opening hours of the Melaka Zoo are from 9am to 6pm. The sale of the zoo entry tickets will be closed at 5.30 pm. Night safari is available on Friday and Saturdays, and the eve of school holidays and public holidays. Night safari will be from 8pm to 11pm. The night safari ticket sale will be closed by 10.30pm.

Entry Ticket Charges

Admission for children below the age of 3 is free. Special tickets can be purchased for groups, students and corporate. The charges are applicable for both day zoo entry and night safari. For Malaysian adults of the age group or 13 to 59, the charge is RM 16.90 and for children of Malaysian origins of the age group of 4-12, the rate is RM 6.80. Malaysian senior citizens have to pay RM 6.80 per person. Foreigners have to pay different rates. A foreigner adult has to pay RM 22.50 and foreign children have to pay RM 16.90 to enter the zoo premises.

Facilities in the Zoo

Food and beverage outlets are located within the zoo premises. Enjoy the tasty dishes that range from local Malayan food to western at these outlets. Ice-creams are available at the ice-cream kiosks. From the souvenir shop at the zoo, the visitors can purchase various collectible souvenirs. On the premises, the visitors can find restrooms, baby changing area, lost found, locker, first air station, and parking area.

If you are planning a day out with kids in Melaka, then a trip to Melaka Zoo should be on your to-do list. Kids can learn about various species of animals birds in a day while roaming around in the Zoo. Share your story of Melaka Zoo or a snap taken by adding comments below.

Address: Jalan Hang Tuah Jaya, Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka
Phone: 1300 22 3000

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