After reaching Melaka and viewing all the historical remnants of Melaka town, me and my group of four friends were still enthusiastic to travel further by only the service through which we not only enjoy travelling but also wanted to take a chance to capture the remarkable scenery in between travelling to Singapore as we come to know that Melaka town is very nearby towards the brink of Singapore island and if we take a special bus service for travelling by road then we will certainly be able to explore more than we expected. So, finally it was decided by all of us that we must travel by bus from Melaka to Singapore.

Bus from Melaka to Singapore

The distance from Melaka to Singapore is normally around two hundred and thirty six kilometers. There are various bus services available in order to take the pleasurable route from Melaka towards the destination island of Singapore.

There are special bus services available here of which some of the services are mentioned as under:

707 Bus Service

This service was certainly formed in the 1990s. Its special attributes are focusing on protection, customer’s contentment and their budget. It takes us from Melaka Sentral, Hatten Hotel Melaka, 707 Melaka Hotel Apple, Swiss Garden Hotel and Residences Melaka, Mahkota Hotel, Casa Del Rio Hotel towards Singapore bus terminals that are Queen Street bus terminal and Woodland. It generally arrives on the morning timings.

Delima Coaches

Delima Coaches also depart from Melaka Sentral and its destiny in Singapore is at City Plaza also can be traced in the morning. This particular bus service from Malacca to Singapore is popular among the tourists.

Melaka Singapore Express

Melaka Singapore Express is encapsulated with special care of their travellers can be taken from Melaka Sentral towards Singapore. This is another popular bus service from Malacca to Singapore.

Nice Bus Service

Nice bus service also eager to serve their passengers from A Famosa Fort and will reach at The Plaza in Singapore. This service is equipped with special attributes being given to its customers while travelling and those features include Wi-Fi availability, TV, food, etc.

Lapan Lapan Travel

Lapan Lapan travel is a unique bus service that is available from Casa Del Rio and Equatorial Hotel; will take you to Park Royal Hotel in Singapore. This bus service will entertain you with the television being available here.

Sri Maju Group

Sri Maju Group also departs from Melaka Sentral and arrives at Golden Mile Complex in Singapore with the facility of television.

One Travel Tours

The departing point of The One travel and tours is at Casa Del Rio Melaka Hotel towards Golden Mile Complex with the facility of entertaining you through television while travelling.

Konsoritum Bus Services

Konsortium (Singapore) departs from the points of Equatorial Hotel, Hatten Hotel Melaka, Mahkota hotel, Malaka (Holiday Inn Hotel), Ramada Plaza Melaka, Swiss Garden Hotel and Residences Melaka to reach at Singapore on various points.

Superior Coaches

Superior coach and tour fill its passengers from The Explorer Hotel Melaka at noon and reach towards Lavender MRT in Singapore.

The route designed for Luxury coach service is from Swiss Garden Residence Hotel, Equatorial Hotel and Hatten Hotel, Casa Del Rio Hotel at noon towards Concord Hotel along orchard road in Singapore.

You can choose to travel from the budget coaches or luxury coaches. The fare of the bus from Malacca to Singapore will cost you between US $10 – $20 for budget coaches less then US $50 for the luxury coaches. The luxury coaches are equipped with the Wi-Fi facility, comfortable seats TV service.

The traveling time by bus from Melaka to Singapore is less than 5 hours. The bus will make stops on the way for refreshment as well. On the weekend when there are not a lot of people traveling, you can probably reach Singapore from Melaka by bus in 4 hours.

If you have traveled by bus from Melaka to Singapore and would like to share your experience, please do so by adding comments below. If you’re in Singapore and planning to visit Melaka then I have also written an article about traveling by bus from Singapore to Melaka. For more information about Singapore, I would recommend this Singapore travel blog.