The famous golden screen cinema Melaka is said to be a known and pleasurable spot in order to enrich yourself with your favorite movies. Apart from an historical beauty of Melaka state; watching movies in the golden screen cinema are known to be another phase of temptation in the association of its ancient remnants.

Golden Screen Cinema Melaka

In Melaka, there are two main golden screen cinema’s, where you can catch your favorite show on the weekdays or weekend. These cinema’s are located in Melaka Shopping Malls. The golden screen cinema Melaka are listed below:

Golden Screen Cinema Bendraya Aeon

GSC Bendraya Aeon Melaka is widely located in a shopping center no. 2, in Jalan Lagenda Taman 1-Lagenda. It therefore certainly began its business on the large scale as at the time of its creation that was dated as 19th May, 2011.

There are around ten cinema halls and more than a thousand seats are occupied for the viewers, inculcated with the Dolby Digital sound objects, including SRD (Spectral Recording Digital) and SRDEX (Spectral Recording Digital Extended Recording).

This cinema also keeps on launching great entertainment benefits for its visitors like announcement of unique and innumerable promotions. For instance, the Bendaraya Aeon Godlen Screen Cinema Melaka keeps itself engaged in launching various promotional campaigns organized by different companies capable of expanding its market share around the globe due to its publicity among the crowd who possesses the sense of buying and experiencing innovative products that enables such organizations of gaining the market. Its GSC Maxx is built on an enormous ground for screening, 2D and 3D movies for its audience being presented in large due to its huge capacity of possessing great myriad viewers.

Golden Screen Cinema Dataran Pahlawan

GSC Dataran Pahlawan is also another famous golden screen cinema that is profoundly situated in Melaka Megamall. The exact location of this mall can be traced at the destination, i.e. F5-01, Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia.

The golden screen cinema in Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall was firstly established in 03rd July, 2008; primarily possesses approximately ten halls in numbers with more than two thousand availability of seats. Therefore, the main hall of this cinema is hall#1 designed with four hundred three seats respectively. The sound systems fixed in those cinemas are mainly consist of SRD EX, DTS SRD with the distinct attributes fitted in the cinema purchased from the renowned sound system namely, Dolby Atmos.

This cinema also arranges special events for various sets of employees working under different business organizations, for individuals in groups or single, are also capable to reserve their seat through the online reservation system designed for its customers in order to get rid of the hassle of overburdening the queue for walk-in customers. The cinema is simultaneously capable of arranging press conferences for huge business oriented organizations, it is also utilized for the interlude of various innovative products, it simultaneously segregates its halls for the companies who acquire such halls in order to pride in watching movies of their type.

The seating arrangements in cinema are extremely comfortable that is well equipped by American made Irwin’s Ambassador Wavy seats. It has a variety of designs of seats and those special the seats are arranged for couples that are twin seats accompanying huge space distinctively occupied for wheelchair persons.