GOASEAN Travel Channel
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today launched the GOASEAN Travel Channel, a dedicated travel channel aired on Astro to promote tourism and boost economy within the Asean region. The world’s first Asean travel platform, GOASEAN will be available on Astro channel 737 from today. GOASEAN is brainchild of Najib to commemorate the Malaysian tenure as ASEAN chairman.

Najib said the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has forecast Gross domestic product (GDP) growth for the ASEAN community of over 5.5 percent over the next five years and GOASEAN is a fine example of the kind of innovation that drives growth. “It is an initiative which will go on to provide opportunities, attract investment and to help develop and grow talent and infrastructure throughout the region,” he said. He was speaking during the launch of the world’s first ASEAN travel channel that went live today.

The channel, Najib said will provide a window into the world of the ten member states of ASEAN to show case a kaleidoscope of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage the region offers. “The benefits of showcasing all ASEAN has to offer do not end with tourism. The potential knock on effects are substantial, especially when we consider that after foreign direct investment in ASEAN has outstripped even China in recent years” he said. Najib added GOASEAN TV channel provides that perfect opportunity to broadcast the benefits of the region to global audience.