Melaka Chicken Rice Ball is considered to be one of the special dish that is enthusiastically eaten everywhere in the Melaka; state of Malaysia. If you come to visit Melaka to enjoy its original taste of beauty, then you cannot come back home without eating this dish as it is known to be one of the identifiable dishes here. It is also among top 10 must-try food in Melaka.

Every restaurant here offers Melaka Chicken Rice Ball dish in bulk; having a distinct taste for tourists. This dish is made as simple which is specially served with chicken and rice; the shape of rice is made like a small ping pong ball. This is thus cooked by using other special ingredients that certainly enhance the aroma of food; those unique ingredients are chicken stalk served with sauces in bottle containers filled with chili sauce and gloomy soya sauce in it.

Melaka Chicken Rice Ball Restaurants

There are many best chicken rice balls restaurant here in Melaka. Following are said to be the favorite of all; who really analyze its original taste. Such restaurants are mentioned as follows:

Around Jonker Street

We can see the stall here in Melaka located beside Jalan Tun Sri Lanang, on Jonker Street that is famous for Melaka Chicken Rice Ball particularly. If you are staying in Hotel Sentral Melacca then you can spend no time while eating in this restaurant. It remains open after the breakfast till noon. We feel like homely by eating here in an open area without any hassle of waiting in a queue.

Chicken Rice Ball at Hwa Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant

Another restaurant to try delicious Melaka Chicken Rice Ball is Hua Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant. After eating in an open area we tried chicken rice balls in this restaurant. The most favorable thing we got to know that it is very economical to eat here and we certainly have to wait for our turn to taste this food. It also remains open in business hours and only found closed on Thursdays.

Chicken Rice Ball at Kedai Kopi Chang Hwa

Mostly visited restaurant by tourists here is Kedai Kopi Chang Hwa; situated also on Jonker Street at Jalan Hang Jebat adjacent to Hoe Kee restaurant. It is especially opened on weekdays and the people here at Jonker Street have to stand in a long queue under the sun with their umbrellas to have Melaka Chicken Rice Ball as it is majorly a coffee shop and chicken rice balls are moreover kept for selling.

Chicken Rice Ball at Hoe Kee Restaurant

Chicken Rice Balls at Hoe Kee Restaurant are served with special decorum here that gives a sentimental feeling to its visitors. The furniture used here for its customers is  made of marble with a bright red colored theme. This restaurant is considered to be one of the second famous restaurants in serving quality Melaka Chicken Rice Ball. The chicken used here is famous for its special brand i.e. Hainan Chicken presented with the quality rice. Your mouth will definitely get watery after eating a tendered soft chicken with smooth balls and only crushed into pieces when chewed. Whereas, the quality of food eaten here is worth it more than other restaurants in Melaka and it doesn’t cost much only twenty cents for each rice ball.

These are some of the recommended restaurants to try Melaka Chicken Rice Ball. If you want to recommend a place or share your experience, please do so by adding comments below.