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Relive the Ming Dynasty at Cheng Ho Cultural Museum Melaka

Your decision to visit Melaka can never turn out be the wrong one as there are several tourist attractions in Melaka. The city has a rich history with several historical building, architecture, heritage sites, and museums. Cheng Ho Cultural Museum is one of the prestigious places to visit in Melaka. All the artifacts in the…
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Homestay Pusat Bandar Melaka

Homestay Pusat Bandar Melaka Posted on . Homestay Pusat Bandar Melaka mempunyai kepakaran dalam memberikan perkhidmatan penginapan berhampiran Bandar Hilir Melaka kepada pelancong yang datang berkunjung dengan harga yang sangat berpatutan. Tidak perlu risau tengang sewaan yang mahal, Homestay Pusat bandar Melaka walaupun terletak di persekitaran bandar tetapi hanya mengenakan kadar sewaan yang murah.  Bersedia membantu…
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7 Places to try Hearty Breakfast in Melaka

Every tourists loves trying out new food besides exploring landscapes. Every country in the world has its own traditional food that is famous for one thing or another. Asian countries are famous for putting in spices in their food; this is because Asia is the birthplace of spices. Malaysia is a country that is famous…
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