Malaysia International Mask Festival

Venue: Esplanade KLCC Park, Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Mask Festival will highlight the uniqueness of the performing arts that uses masks as a prop performances.

The festival involve participation from all major races in Malaysia including indigenous peoples or indigenous Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak society.

To add, neighboring country who will be invited are Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Thailand, China, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. Estimated number of participants is around 320 people.

Tel: 603-2614 8200 / 8283 / 8316
Fax: 603-2697 0786
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Malaysia Dance Festival

Enjoy a variety of dances at the Malaysian Dance Festival. Known for its multicultural background, Malaysia has a grand array of dances that reflect the wealth and heritage of every state. The show will also incorporate interactive features to draw the interest of tourists and the public.

Date: 4th – 6th June 2015

Venue: Auditorium DBKL

Organizer: Bahagian Pengembangan Seni, JKKN

Phone: 603-2614 8200 / 8283 / 8203

Fax: 603-2697 0786

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Dikir Barat Perdana

Watch the shows due to the initial staged performances in various creations like chants – chants version of the classic western. Rehearsals will be presented in a medley of popular songs of 50s and 60s era.


Date: 12th 13th June 2015

Venue: Kompleks JKKN Kelantan

Organizer: Bahagian Pengembangan Budaya, JKKN

Phone: 603-2614 8200 / 8316  / 09-741 7000

Fax: 603-2697 1067

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