The most visited zoo and night safari to explore in Malacca is popularly known as Melaka Zoo Night Safari situated in the Jalan Hang Tuah Jaya, Ayer Keroh; Melaka city in Malaysian peninsular. Although, historic facts depicts that it was first invented in the year 1963 was governed by the Melaka authoritarian sector than in 2013 its care taker has taken its control by the private organization mainly. For instance, Melaka Zoo Night Safari was renowned around the globe after its control when it was governed privately.  It is also one of the recommend tourist attractions in Melaka to visit.

Melaka Zoo Night Safari

Melaka Zoo Night Safari is constructed in a spacious land that is actually measured around fifty-four acres of land respectively. Due to its huge area occupied in the establishment of the Zoo Melaka, it is similarly famous for being the second largest zoo in Melaka.

Adoption of natural and adventurous segments introduced

The private company that has predominantly taken the ownership as its caretaker is actually identified as Konsortium KKW Sdn Bhd. Hence, its actual mission is to bring a positive change in the Melaka Zoo Night Safari by inventing innovative task in terms of introducing new wildlife species in the zoo. It is also establishing various learning methodologies in order to understand the ecology of different species, the breeding process of distinct animals have been understood by the zoo management as well as introducing innovative vision of physical activities and implementing such concepts through meticulous objectives planned for making the Melaka Zoo more attractive for the tourism purpose primarily.

Thus, through exploring further the Night Safari Melaka; its visitors can be able to observe the species in their natural homes while at night (after sunsets). There are multiple programs being organized by the Melaka Zoo Night Safari from the infant level to the university grads as well through a long stroll in order to make them familiar with the surrounding species.

Suitable timings for the Melaka Zoo Night Safari exploration

We are thus allowed to explore the Melaka Zoo and Night Safari attractions on a daily basis during the whole day at specified timings that begin from 9am in the morning till 6pm by evening. The Night Safari timings are from 8pm to 11pm so you can plan your trip in a way that you can see both Zoo Night Safari. It is similarly essential to purchase the number of tickets at prior in order to explore its temptations without wasting your precious journey time. Here we can simultaneously grab the feasible opportunity to view the night safari attractions as well that can be availed specifically on nights of Fridays and Saturdays, during government holidays and also during the school off days as well. The tickets are usually sold between the timings from 8pm till 10:30pm.

Attributes of Melaka Zoo Night Safari

It is the sole responsibility of a visitor to know the necessary attributes prior to visiting the Melaka Zoo. For instance, the visitor must plan the whole day journey in order to explore the attractions of the zoo in a real sense. While enjoying the zoo, people implicitly avails the facilities like a separate prayer room built in the vicinity, there is also guest room located here, first aid is also available in case of any emergency and other numerous facilities can also be explored.

Though, Melaka Zoo Night Safari is not as big as Singapore Night Safari or others but it does provide a unique experience to the visitors. If you’re looking for some nighttime activities in Melaka, a visit to night safari is highly recommended, which is also among the best things to do in Melaka.

If you have visited the night safari in Melaka and would like to share your experience, please do so by adding comments below.

Address: Jalan Hang Tuah Jaya, Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka
Phone: +61300 22 3000
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RFC-Rainforest Challenge

Date : 27 November 2015 – 07 December 2015


The RFC is an off-road 4×4 event which is among the world’s top ten toughest motor races. It takes place annually from end Nov to early Dec. Every year, it attracts the bravest of the land daredevils from Europe to Asian to face the odds in the jungle for 10 days braving the mud, rain, steep uphill, downhill undulating terrain plus the wrath of Mother Nature from the monsoon. An extraordinary event for extraordinary adventurers set in an extraordinary season, the monsoon. Event also open for Media Touring Adventurers.


Seremban , Port Dickson, Gemas, Kuala Pilah Jelebu (Negeri Sembilan)


RFC (Rainforest Challenge) International

No 6-2, 2nd Floor, Jalan 1/76 C

Desa Pandan

55100 Kuala lumpur



03-9200 8908 , 012-211 7080


The Rucksack Caratel
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The Rucksack Caratel is situated in an ideal location, which is not too far from the heritage core area, yet, enough to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Though it is not easy to find the hotel as it is built at the end of a byroad, as soon as you arrive at the hotel, you know you are in for a good treat of comfort in a seemingly secluded place.

We are impressed with the rustic design of the lobby. You can find sweet painting and deco that add colors to the area. There are various seating arrangements so just pick one that you feel is comfortable and mix around with your friends and other guests.

Caravan and Floral themed rooms are two types of staying experience in The Rucksack Caratel.

The hip Caravan themed rooms cater to the youngsters who want unrestrained staying experience just like having a camp fire with friends, having fun and talking about dreams and ambitions all night long tirelessly during the old school time. Positioned at the back of the lobby, this area is decorated with game facilities and furniture that blend in well.

As the lobby can get quite noisy when other guests hang around here, it is not recommended to stay in Caravan themed room for those who want a quiet room. Instead, book the Floral themed rooms upstairs.

The Floral themed rooms, on the other hand provide you with more luxurious stay. These rooms are also one of the many reasons guests stay in this hotel as each rooms have big glass windows that gives you different views outside. Getting a room with old building view makes you feel like you are staying in Melaka heritage zone. You can also book rooms with pool view or garden view.

We love the heritage city view as it was an amazing feeling that you are staying in a modern and comfortable room, next to you outside is the heritage building separated by a glass window.

Every piece of land in the heritage area is precious. In money sense, it is logical to convert the land into rooms to optimize the revenue. This is not the case for The Rucksack Caratel. With over 30% of the land being the swimming pool area, the backyard is another reason why guests will come back to this hotel again.

Premier Melaka Location

Recommended Stay

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The Games We Used to Play

By: Fatini Idris

Kids are too attached to their gadgets these days. There’s nothing wrong with it – iPads, smartphones, even gaming consoles provide great entertainment and can be useful educational tools when used correctly and with close adult supervision. When I see my niece playing with her dad’s iPad, I can’t help but reminisce about the times in my childhood when my free time was spent playing outdoor games with my friends, and I wonder if there will come a time when a generation in the future may not know about gasing, konda-kondi or teng-teng. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember the games, and maybe it’ll inspire you to take your kids out and play them like you used to:

Gasing 1

Known in English as spin-top, gasing is a popular game among Malay youths, especially boys. There are many other versions of gasing in Malaysia alone – let alone the world – but a simple one as pictured above is the most popular. The top is usually made of wood or iron, and a long string is wrapped around the top halfway from the bottom where the tip is, towards the middle of it. To play, the player throws the top on a flat ground where a large circle is drawn on and make sure that the top lands into the circle. Other players will then join in, and the one with the longest spinning gasing wins the game.


Another version of the game involves one player trying to strike out another player, by throwing their gasing to move their opponent’s top out of the circle. You can play with just one other person, or as many as 10 others. There’s no set rule when it comes to the number of players… it’s all about making the most of your time.


Konda Kondi 1

This game looks simple, but looks can be deceiving! The game reportedly has Indian origins, and to play, you need to have a sharp mind and be quick on your feet. There are actually several ways to play the game, although the requirements are similar: players are divided into two teams (offensive and defensive), it is usually played on a clear field, and two sticks are required; a long one of about 2 – 3 feet in length to flick and a shorter one of about 6 inches. A small hole is dug in the ground to place the smaller stick to be flicked and flung by the longer stick.

Konda Kondi

One of the common methods to play is to have a player of the offensive team to flick and fling the smaller stick as far as he can using the long stick. The long stick is then placed inside the whole, while the players of the defensive will try to catch the short stick before it hits the ground, and throw it back to the long stick in the hole. If it hits the stick, the offensive player is out, but if the smaller stick lands right across the longer stick, the whole offensive team is out, and the roles between the two teams will reverse thus giving the defensive team a chance as the offensive.

Tarik Upih

Tarik Upih

It’s like sledding, but instead of using sleds during winter time, we play it by using palm fronds all year round. It requires at least two players – one to sit on the frond, and the other to pull the frond on its other end. You can make a competition out of it by racing with another duo, and whoever crosses the line first is considered the winner. The game is usually played in the rural or suburban area and it’s a rarity to see them being played in the city. So on’t miss the chance to play if you come across it!


Chapteh or sepak bulu ayam in Malay is a popular game in many Asian countries, including Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. The game requires dexterity, and tests your ability to balance and keep the chapteh in the air for as long as you can by kicking it upwards using the heel of your foot.

Chapteh 1  Chapteh

Usually played in a small group, players are judged individually on the number of kicks they make. The players agree on a winning tally of kicks before the game starts, and the first person in the group to reach that tally, or the player with the highest score in the group, is considered the winner.


Ketinting or teng-teng is another traditional game that can also be found in other parts of the world, such as in the USA, where it is known as hopscotch. The two basic features of the game are the square boxes drawn on a flat surface (either by using chalk or drawing up the soil), and the players’ jumping skill. It is usually played by two or more players.

Ketinting 1  Ketinting

To play, the first player must throw their gundu (a small item that is used as a ‘marker’ in a game; in this case, it’s usually a pebble) on the first box. If you miss it, your turn will be void, and the next person takes their turn. If it lands, you then hop on one leg on each boxes except where the gundu lands on – meaning that, if it lands on the first box, you must skip across it. You can land on both feet when you’re at the ‘home’ or the last box, and make your way around back to the beginning on one leg, picking up your gundu when you reach it. The next player will then take their turn. As the game progresses, you must aim your gundu at the next number, until it reaches the ‘home’ box.

There are many other traditional outdoor games that I did not mention here, and some may have already been forgotten. Why not we take our time to teach our little ones these simple games, and make it into a fun activity for the whole family? It’ll be a great bonding experience, while at the same time preserving a slice of our heritage.


Government Urged To Build National Tourism Institution

TEMERLOH, June 18 (Bernama) — The Pahang Tourism and Culture committee has urged the federal government to build a national tourism institution to educate and produce skilled manpower in order to boost the sector.

Its chairman, Datuk Seri Mohd Sharkar Shamsuddin said the tourism sector was the largest contributor to the national economy and it should be managed in a professional manner, especially in highlighting quality products to tourists.

“This institution should have a uniform curriculum to train individuals who are directly involved in the tourism industry. They will not only be trained as ‘little ambassadors’ of the country in terms of speech, dress, manners and culture, but also in the Malaysian culinary arts and food,” he told reporters here today.

A certificate from the institution will be recognised as a ‘licence’ to open a new homestay or work with any employer in the tourism industry in the country, he added.

Mohd Sharkar, who is also Lanchang assemblyman, said the state government was willing to offer suitable land for building the institution.

“Pahang has various natural attractions such as beaches, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, hills and secondary forest which can be highlighted to attract domestic and foreign tourists.

“The many world-class tourist destinations available in the country will not benefit the economy if it is not utilised properly,” he said.

News Source — BERNAMA