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Hard Rock Cafe Melaka – More than an Eatery

Melaka is a hot spot for tourists around the world. People from every corner of the globe pour into the city for a thrilling and pleasant vacation. Melaka does not only offer cultural diversity, tourist attractions, startling beaches and amazing places to visit and to lure its guests, but it also has some of the…
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Seoul Garden Melaka – Korean BBQ Buffet & Food in Malacca

The Seoul Garden Melaka is renowned for offering Korean Steamboat barbecued buffet to its customers with a unique style of Korean taste embedded in all the dishes being supplied here at the restaurants of Seoul Garden in the whole Malaysian peninsula. The restaurant has started functioning since the year 1983 with the organization Zingrill Holdings…
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Eye on Melaka – Once Tourist Attraction, Now History

Many of the tourist destinations in the world are best known for the tourist attractions they provide. Melaka is best known for being a UNESCO world heritage city and the strait of Malacca is the longest strait in the world. There are other notable tourist attractions in Melaka as well. Eye on Melaka Eye on…
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