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Yong Tai Berhad : bullish on Impression City       02/24/2016 | 03:12 am KUALA LUMPUR: YONG Tai Bhd expects its RM5.4 billion project in Malacca to generate net profit margin of 20 per cent, which would help to sustain the company’s earnings in the long term. The garment maker-turned-property developer, which has been…
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Straits of Malacca – The longest Strait in the world

Straits of Malacca is a funnel-shaped narrow waterway of 800 km long that connects the South China Sea and Andaman Sea. The Strait of Malacca is running between Peninsular Malaysia, southern Thailand and Sumatra (Indonesia). The name of the strait came from Malacca Sultanate that ruled the group of islands between 1400 and 1511. The…
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