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Museum: Chitty Museum

Adult RM2, Children RM0.50

Museum: Maritime Museum Phase II

The Maritime Museum is located at the old Guthrie warehouse after it was extensively renovated by the Public Works Department. The building is next to the replica of the Flora de La Mar that houses The Maritime Museum. The Maritime Museum Phase II is a modern museum incorporating computer technology and focuses on a variety…
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Museum: Malaysia Youth Museum

The Malaysia Youth Museum or Muzium Belia Malaysia was officiated by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia,Y.A.B Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, on April 15 1992.

Museum: Melaka Islamic Museum

The Melaka Museum of Islam was set up to be not only a display centre of documents and artifacts pertaining to Islam but also to be a centre for research into the coming of Islam into Melaka and its subsequent spread to the rest of Malaysia.

Museum: Al-Quran Museum

Opened to the public on 10 January 2008 in conjuction with Ma’al Hijrah 1429, Melaka Al-Quran Museum was built to showcase Melaka as an Islamic country and the coming of Islam to the Malay world. This museum also functions as a resource centre in relation to Al-Quran and Islamic education.