Venue : Stadium Malawati

Date   : 30th August 2015

ILM Arts Festival is a unique and exciting event that showcases the beauty and richness of the Arts in Islam. By engaging audiences, the event is aimed to unite communities and highlight the challenges that the Muslim Youth are currently facing today.

The festival has something for everyone across all age groups; with leading Nasheed artists such as Zain Bhikha and No Beats Necessary, to spoken word artists such as Ibrahim Jaaber, Kamal Saleh and Amir Sulaiman, the ILM Arts Festival is a fun-filled day of excitement, entertainment and performances.

Whether you like graffiti, Parkour or Skateboarding, or if you’re into Poetry, Rap and RB; our artists have something to appeal to you and make you smile by giving you a day of full of knowledge, creativity and lasting memories