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The famous golden screen cinema Melaka is said to be a known and pleasurable spot in order to enrich yourself with your favorite movies. Apart from an historical beauty of Melaka state; watching movies in the golden screen cinema are known to be another phase of temptation in the association of its ancient remnants.

Golden Screen Cinema Melaka

In Melaka, there are two main golden screen cinema’s, where you can catch your favorite show on the weekdays or weekend. These cinema’s are located in Melaka Shopping Malls. The golden screen cinema Melaka are listed below:

Golden Screen Cinema Bendraya Aeon

GSC Bendraya Aeon Melaka is widely located in a shopping center no. 2, in Jalan Lagenda Taman 1-Lagenda. It therefore certainly began its business on the large scale as at the time of its creation that was dated as 19th May, 2011.

There are around ten cinema halls and more than a thousand seats are occupied for the viewers, inculcated with the Dolby Digital sound objects, including SRD (Spectral Recording Digital) and SRDEX (Spectral Recording Digital Extended Recording).

This cinema also keeps on launching great entertainment benefits for its visitors like announcement of unique and innumerable promotions. For instance, the Bendaraya Aeon Godlen Screen Cinema Melaka keeps itself engaged in launching various promotional campaigns organized by different companies capable of expanding its market share around the globe due to its publicity among the crowd who possesses the sense of buying and experiencing innovative products that enables such organizations of gaining the market. Its GSC Maxx is built on an enormous ground for screening, 2D and 3D movies for its audience being presented in large due to its huge capacity of possessing great myriad viewers.

Golden Screen Cinema Dataran Pahlawan

GSC Dataran Pahlawan is also another famous golden screen cinema that is profoundly situated in Melaka Megamall. The exact location of this mall can be traced at the destination, i.e. F5-01, Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia.

The golden screen cinema in Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall was firstly established in 03rd July, 2008; primarily possesses approximately ten halls in numbers with more than two thousand availability of seats. Therefore, the main hall of this cinema is hall#1 designed with four hundred three seats respectively. The sound systems fixed in those cinemas are mainly consist of SRD EX, DTS SRD with the distinct attributes fitted in the cinema purchased from the renowned sound system namely, Dolby Atmos.

This cinema also arranges special events for various sets of employees working under different business organizations, for individuals in groups or single, are also capable to reserve their seat through the online reservation system designed for its customers in order to get rid of the hassle of overburdening the queue for walk-in customers. The cinema is simultaneously capable of arranging press conferences for huge business oriented organizations, it is also utilized for the interlude of various innovative products, it simultaneously segregates its halls for the companies who acquire such halls in order to pride in watching movies of their type.

The seating arrangements in cinema are extremely comfortable that is well equipped by American made Irwin’s Ambassador Wavy seats. It has a variety of designs of seats and those special the seats are arranged for couples that are twin seats accompanying huge space distinctively occupied for wheelchair persons.

Melaka being a UNESCO World heritage site not only possesses antique remnants, but while visiting this state people generally get familiarized with numerous restaurants here; renowned in its taste as well. You will consequently find plenty of unique myriad vegetarian restaurant in Melaka. These restaurants are famous since the period of olden days when Melaka’s historic remains were not known around the whole world.

Vegetarian Restaurant in Melaka

The famous vegetarian restaurants in Melaka which was established since the golden period was known to be a ‘Banana Leaf Restaurant’ possessed a classic model of taste, located in Selvam Jalan Temengong.

There are numerous top rated vegetarian restaurants in Melaka of which few of them are mentioned as under:

Veggie Planet Vegetarian Restaurant (味滋园)

Veggie Planet Vegetarian Restaurant is a four star Melaka vegetarian restaurant that can easily be traced in the vicinity of Jalan Melaka Raya 8. By its name we come to know that this restaurant must be enriching their customers with a great delicious menu of vegetarian foods. Due to its hale and hearty delivery of organic food this vegetarian restaurant was awarded with a distinction in quality food and was observed just after its inauguration in July, 2010 till to date.

We therefore come across a simple organic restaurant even in the modern electronic age where diseases are over burdening due to the numerous time usage of microwave, preservatives, food colors and all those products which was never being thought in the olden times. This vegetarian restaurant in Melaka still uses the original taste of the food and prepares or buys all the food products, organically, which in turn showers upon its customers the real influence of eating.

As being famous for herbivorous customers it is also attracting carnivorous eaters gradually by simultaneously possessing its original aroma of presenting vegetarian eatables with a green leafy environment for sit-ins.

Address: 4143, Jalan Melaka Raya 8, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Malacca, Malaysia
Phone:+ 60 6-292 2819

Man Yuan Fang Vegetarian Restaurant

Man Yuan Fang is also a four star vegetarian restaurant in Melaka famous in case of delivering western and Asian veggie food items. Do visit this restaurant if you are enthusiastically fond of having herbal tea; presented with a strong infused aroma just after the meal. The types of food being served here are Chinese and Western generally.

People eating here intensely get amazed by eating in town and the main entrance have glass doors in it, such that the passersby can also view the people enjoying eating in a comfy environment. The inner surroundings of this restaurant is depicted in a metropolitan style particularly where the visitors are provided herbal teas with a special herb ingredient i.e. myriad dried flowers and leaves therein just to make them indulge in a light environment after relishing with heavy veggie meals because you cannot stop eating when familiarized with the scrumptious enlisted menu of which some specialties innumerably includes Stir fried Ceylon Spinach with Sesame, Pumpkin and Sago, Man Yuan Steam Tofu; is considered a veggie food as it add some protein in your body other than non-meat diet, baked potato and so on.

Address: No G35 G37 , Jalan PM4, Plaza Mahkota, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Malacca, Malaysia
Phone: +60 17-315 0990

Eha Fruit Veggie Bistro

Eha Fruit and Veggie Bistro is famous for providing fresh fruit juices and ice creams in a café; indulged in a vivacious ambiance that is concurrently excellent in delivering ideal service to its clients due to which it has also been awarded as a four and a half star herbivorous cafe type restaurant in Melaka.

Address: 57, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Phone: +60 6-281 8208

Food Stalls in Jonker Street

Beside the above Melaka vegetarian restaurant, you can also try the veggie dishes on various open food stalls in Melacca, especially in the vicinity of Jonker Street. The famous Jonker Street Melaka comes to live at night and you will find plenty of food stalls and restaurants offer veggie dishes to the customers.

Old Famosa Vegtarian Restaurant

This is one of the famous eatable points to eat scrumptious vegetarian food in a restaurant of Melaka. It is primarily famous for its old taste being hidden in food items and that can be obtained easily on economical rates. The cooks here are still developing the taste of cooked vegetables to be eaten in a way like we are having a meat dish for ourselves at cheaper rates.

Address: Jalan Emas, Taman Bukit Melaka, 75450 Ayer Keruh, Melaka, Malaysia
Phone: +60 6-233 1238

These are some of the famous vegetarian restaurant in Melaka. If you want to recommend a place or share your experience, please do so by adding comments below.

Melaka; state of Malaysia is packed with the south of Johor Bahru and at its north is Negeri Sembilan. Dating back to 15th century it was emanated from the renowned port city and has enjoyed of being the chain of great islands in the world. It was simultaneously noticed as the hub of eastern and western trade routes forming the passage of island in Melaka during the huge spread of Islam within Southeast Asia. Its economic defamation was visible when Portuguese captured the state in 1511 for hundred and thirty years approx. A Famosa fort was developed during the reign of Portuguese through the Red sea towards Nagasaki and Porta de Santiago was among its gateway which is still preserved and can be toured even today.

In the dates of 1803 to 1815 when the state was suffering by Napoleonic fights was then ruled by British Empire certainly which in 1824 was proven with the formation of Anglo-Dutch treaty then after two years in 1826 it came intact with Penang and Singapore island in order to better procurement of the passage between both the islands.

Christ Church Melaka

It was also noted that between the years of 1641 to 1824, an amalgamation of Portuguese and Dutch empires lowered the supremacy of the port to secondary level located on Java specifically. Then Dutch traders occupied the state of Melaka after taking it from Portuguese and inaugurated Christ Church Melaka therein.

Whereas, historic facts describe that dating back to 1753; the Christ Church Melaka was originally built by Dutch business men. Whereas the exact year of its inauguration is a bit confusing because related to some other facts the year of its formation depicts the year of 1741 in the cause of celebration that took place by the Dutch Empire. It was thus constructed on the church street known as Jalan Gereja where Presbyterian Church of Singapore and Malaysia is also seen here in the Malay Peninsula.

Special bright colored rides are available around the vicinity of Christ Church Melaka known as trishaws. The area where this church is built is one of the tempting monuments in the locality of the Stadthuys. There are two famous museums as well just in front of this church named as Ethnographical and Historical Museum.

Tourist fantastically possesses keen interest to visit Christ Church Melaka due to its historical background that is still kept alive to date. For the same reason visiting Christ Church Melaka is among best things to do in Melaka. The material of this monument is made of red bricks and the big white cross is seen on the top of it. The size of the church is not as huge and inside the church after entering the gate you may come across a long rectangular table having some selling products kept on it that are myriad catalogs and some religious stuff. Simultaneously you can also view around ten rows of long benches with comfortable back seat on it just before that huge table. The most eye catching view of this church is that the pews are all handmade and was formed around two hundred years back. A souvenir of Dutch army and civilians can be seen at large that includes fanlights and tiles particularly.

The vicinity of Christ Church Melaka is primarily filled with the cultural identity of Baba Nyonya (Between 15th and 17th century Chinese offspring visited to Malaysian and Singapore Peninsular) flourished with Nyonyan commercial and residential blocks i.e. houses and restaurants at large along the side.

I must say those who are fond of visiting ancient sites should come to view this church building. The Christ Church Melaka is among the recommended historical places to visit in Melaka. If you want to share your experience, please do so by adding comments below.

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