Monorel Melaka
The state government is resolute in reviving the Malacca Historic City Council monorail line despite the many glitches that halted its operation. The system is too expensive to be left abandoned and must be revived, it said. The line cost RM15.9mil to build and spans 1.6km, from Taman Rempah in Pengkalan Rama to Kampung Bunga Raya Pantai along the Malacca River.

The state wants to use it to promote the river as a tourist attraction. Launched on Oct 20, 2010, the China-made monorail system has been idle since 2011 after it was plagued by technical problems.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron said yesterday a special steering committee led by the state secretary had recommended that the project be revived. The committee was set up recently to identify and recommend to the state government any abandoned projects that were worth pursuing. “The monorail is a project that we can’t afford to ignore because a lot of money has gone into it,” Idris told The Star.

Melaka Monorail

The Melaka Monorail Project

Malacca Monorail Project

File photo when the Melaka Monorail broke down

 He said the committee was also looking at 10 other projects, including Arab City, a sea lion park, an aviary, a planetarium and Malacca International Airport. “We will be reviving the monorail service first by getting new locomotives and coaches,” he said.

The project was a joint venture by the Malacca Historic City Council, state subsidiary Kumpulan Melaka Bhd and Agibs Engineering Construction Sdn Bhd. Soon after its launch, the train stalled with 20 passengers about 100m from Hang Jebat, the main station, and they had to be rescued with a sky lift.

The following year, 18 tourists from Hong Kong with their tour leader and guide were stranded when the train failed again, this time about 300m from the same station. Then state Tourism Culture and Heritage Committee chairman Datuk Latiff Thamby Chik had reported that the service suffered 21 disruptions since its start.

Homestay Darul Qaseh Bukit Katil Melaka

Homestay Darul Qaseh Bukit Katil Melaka

Homestay Darul Qaseh Bukit Katil Melaka ini berhampiran dengan BAYOU LAGOON dengan jarak 3 minit sahaja iaitu terletak di Seksyen 3 Taman Saujana, Bukit Katil, Melaka.

Homestay Darul Qaseh Bukit Katil Melaka ini adalah rumah teres 2 tingkat yang mana ia mempunyai 3 buah bilik dengan semua bilik mempunyai katil queen size. Bilik Utama mempunyai aircond.

Mempunyai 2 buah bilik air iaitu di tingkat atas dan bawah dengan kemudahan pancuran air panas.

Mempunyai kemudahan memasak seperti dapur dan pinggan mangkuk.  Sebuah flask air panas elektrik disediakan untuk kemudahan memasak air. Kemudahan air di homestay ini adalah selamat kerana Homestay Darul Qaseh Bukit Katil Melaka telah menyediakan panapis air terus dari paip.

Hanya 10 minit dari plaza tol Ayer Keroh ke Homestay . Dari Homestay ke bandar Melaka hanya mengambil masa 13 minit sahaja.

Kedudukan yang berdekatan dengan kedai makan dan tempat perlancongan di negeri Melaka seperti:

Zoo Negeri Melaka
Jaya Jusco EON Ayer Keroh
Hospital Pantai Melaka
Melaka Wonderland
Berhampiran dengan 7 Eleven, PETRONAS dan gerai-gerai makan yang mengambil masa lebih kurang 2 minit perjalanan.

Berdekatan dengan Bandar Hilir, River Cruise di Taman Rempah, Kampung Morten (Kampung Tradisional), Eye of Melaka, perjalanan hanya 7 minit untuk ke Zoo Melaka, Taman Buaya,
Taman Rama-Rama, Taman Mini Malaysia Asean dan Melaka Wonderland.

Homestay Darul Qaseh Bukit Katil MelakaHomestay Darul Qaseh Bukit Katil MelakaHomestay Darul Qaseh Bukit Katil Melaka

Sebarang pertanyaan dan tempahan,
Hubungi : IZAM
No Telefon : 011-39051829
Check-in : 2.00pm
Check-out: 12.30pm

2 hari 1 mlm = RM 120 ISNIN – KHAMIS

Other Terms Conditions:
Homestay ini hanya untuk muslim sahaja

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Malacca Zoo was the first zoo in Malaysia to exhibit the critically endangered Sumatran Rhinoceros. It also houses overseas as well as local beauties such as the white rhinoceros, Asian elephants, red panda, Malaysian gaur, the serow, the squirrel monkey, the molurus python, the grey wolf, the Mongolian wild horse, the green tree python, the giraffe, the blue-and-yellow macaw and also the Indochinese tiger as well as the Malayan tiger.

Malacca Zoo is now a famous attraction in Malacca and are listed in many official tourism websites.  Now, it is visited annually by 400,000 visitors; averaging 1093 visitors a day. Although, in 2007, the zoo was visited by 619,194 visitors with an average of 1619 visitors per day; the highest number since it was opened. In that year, the zoo collected as much as RM 3.99 million (US$886,666); collecting a gain of RM 130,000.

 It also maintains a healthy, cool green background by planting exotic and rare plants while labelling them. This can potentially cool the zoo in very hot days and symbolically mimics the rainforest. It also has a tram facility to help its visitors get from one place to another with the ticket prices as low as RM 2.00. In addition to that, it also has eating facilities at the AW restaurant and a cafeteria near the watch tower at the Mini Safari located near Marina Zenorai. Wiki

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