Carnival Melaka Gateway @ Pulau Melaka


Karnival Event


31/01/2015 (Saturday)

7.00am Registration
7.30am Warm up by Studio Body Rock
8.00am Melaka Gateway Charity ‘Colour Run’- FLAG OFF
10.00am Participants return to stage for cool down
10.30am Special Lucky Draw ‘Color Run’
12.00noon DJ Jam Session
1.00pm Program/Activity – Pakar Event (Games/Mascots)
3.00pm Program/Activity – Pakar Event (Games/Mascots)
7.00pm DJ Jam Session – Music Machine
8.00pm Opening Act for Youth Segment by Malacca Drums Corp
Performances by Break Crew and Studio Body Rock
9.00pm Amazing Melaka Showcase by Cheng Ho Acrobatic Troupe
10.00pm End of Day

01/02/2015 (Sunday)

Key Handover Ceremony
9.30am Ketibaan Tetamu Jemputan
10.00am Ketibaan YAB Datuk Seri Ir. Haji Idris Bin Haron, Ketua Menteri Melaka
Nyanyian Lagu Negaraku dan Melaka Maju Jaya
Bacaan doa
Ucapan aluan oleh Datuk Michelle Ong
Ucapan oleh YB Datuk Seri Ir. Hj. Idris Bin Haron
Montage video Pulau Melaka
Penyampaian Kunci Mock
Persembahan Akrobatik Cheng Ho
Jamuan Tengahari
12.30noon Program/Activity – Pakar Event (Games/Mascots)
1.00 noon Program/Activity – Pakar Event (Games/Mascots)
3.00 pm Program/Activity – Pakar Event (Games/Mascots)
5.00 pm Street Soccer
7.00 pm Prize Giving to Winning Team
End of Carnival

For more information, please contact Melaka Gateway at +606-2926333.
Thank you and don’t forget to come this event. MyFest 2015.

— asmaliana

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